Posted by: John Hall | December 22, 2007



I was driving my daughter home from school the other day and out of the blue she comes up with a zinger.  “Daddy”, she said, “how did God know you preferred girls.”  Note – not a question about whether I preferred girls.  I laughed at the time, and then later I thought, you know she’s got a point.  I could have had boys, but I’ve got girls and I’ve always been content.  I haven’t ever wondered, “When is the boy coming.”  What this five year old was expressing was an innate understanding of the heart of God.  Only a loving God could know me and see that my girls would bring me a joy that is so complete I’ve never thought about not having a boy.  She expressed a trust in God that I feel that I have only just begun to walk in myself.  Our five year old knows she has a loving God.  Do we?



  1. John, they know they have a loving God because your father’s heart models that to them. You are an inspiration to all who know you, most of all to your precious girls.


  2. Mom and I have talked about having all boys and thought that you were all just what we needed. I am very proud of you all with your differences and uniqueness. It is wonderful that when boys marry all of a sudden you have a bunch of “belle filles” as the French say, and which I like better than the English term. Then along come the grand daughters and it brings a totally different experience of children. Someimes I can’t quite get my head around it.

    Love to you all,

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