Posted by: John Hall | March 10, 2008


Some people view Christianity like a school course with a good syllabus.  The better the syllabus the better the chance that you can miss class and still get a good grade (In university I had one course that I only attented twice in the term because the expectations were so well defined).  But this class has requirements that go beyond knowing the material, you have to know the teacher.  There is personal tutoring.  Meals to attend.  Group projects and parties.  There is also class time and co-op.  All of this on a weekly basis. 

The bible says to love God with all your heart  and strength and Jesus gives two analogies to help us understand the commitment – being a slave and being married.  There is a permanence and vigilance that we require in our relationship that most of us don’t consider, because for most of us religion is about what God can do for me.



  1. And this is where I started and lived for a long time, until I realized God is not my personal slave. Yes, He provides and heals and protects, and I still ask for these things when I need them, as He says to; but He has shown me that far more valuable to me and to Him is our intimate relationship which does not depend on my circumstances.

  2. By the way, I’m really glad you have started writing again. I find your thoughts very stimulating.

  3. Great thot on “school” … There is so much more to out life “in”Christ. Thanks

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