Posted by: John Hall | March 10, 2008


Seeking God is not to get the goods, a wise saying or a powerful word.  Seeking God is to know Him and be known by Him, which lays bare our hearts.  When we start to mix up our motives and seek him for the goods we take a step on a path that is at the heart of the difference between the church and the Kingdom. 

When God wants to address something He will (He has in his word).  But, seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness, then the other stuff will come.



  1. That is such a “now” word – something we all need reminding of in this materialistic, self-seeking society. Worldly values of getting ahead and being “successful” permeate the church, but have no place in the Kingdom. Can you imagine a little child having such ambitions? To such belongs the Kingdom of heaven.

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