Posted by: John Hall | November 13, 2008

Beginning to Shift

Over the last year I’ve become convinced that I need to join or start a simple, locally based, community oriented meeting of lovers of Jesus.  For all intents and purposes –  church.  It’s been a long process, but the final decision to take a step in this direction has come not only in reaction to, but also from a desire to.  


In February I wrote down some of the things I desire:

  • I desire to be more connected to others in my neighbourhood
  • I want to be part of a group who is bold in speaking truth as God leads
  • I want to minister in the power of the Kingdom and see freedom come to people captive to sin
  • I want community with accountability
  • I want my church to believe the word of God and the word to transform us and spur us on to be like Jesus
  • I want the presence of God to dwell among us


Since I wrote this my list has gotten longer and my thoughts clearer, I hope, but essentially I feel its time to make a move.  I see this sentiment all over the place and there is a buzz going through the Church that a change is afoot.  The Holy Spirit seems to be moving people to change the way they perceive the church.  There is a shift from a church that resembles an organization to a relationally connected body of believers.  This isn’t about the decision to meet in a building or not, but about a shift from an organisational paradigm to a Kingdom paradigm. 


If you’re interested check out some of these websites and books.  Also many of you I’m sure, have other books in mind.  Feel free to add your comments.

The Living Church – John Stott

The Irresistible Revolution – Shane Claiborne

Blueprint – Jaeson Ma



  1. John
    I have been feeling some of the same things in regards to church and community – please share more of what you feel like this is going to look like.
    would love to reconnect

  2. Hey John
    Bless you
    This evening in intercession the LORD said simply “climate Change”
    I believe he means something attuned to what you are saying. There is a climate change happening. It’s affecting everything. What is happening in the physical has its root in the supernatural.

    The church is about to change big time.

    I went to a denominational church last week and was blessed with a worship service that was completely outside of denominational structure. There were 3 short testimonies which were not planned or structured, but they said this concept-
    1-Fathers love is needed by us all
    2-Sonship comes out of knowing our Father
    3-Culture change is a byproduct of really knowing who’s son you are!

  3. Yes, there is a move afoot. It’s happening here in Cambridge, too.

    Your thoughts really challenge me and help me to break out of “unthinking” thinking. I look forward to more of what the Lord is showing you.

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